"there has to be better use for titanium than golf clubs" - Rob Payne

"there has to be better use for titanium than golf clubs" - Rob Payne



Litespeed takes the highest quality titanium available and makes it better. While their competitors settles for softer, more easily worked grades, they go above and beyond to deliver the most premium cold-worked, cycling specific tubesets in the world. 

Litespeed Grade Titanium

Litespeed uses only aerospace-grade titanium alloys. The most pure raw materials (titanium, aluminum and vanadium) go into the ingot, and only the best ingot is qualified to be made into seamless tubing. The ingot is then machined, drawn, and pilgered to the tightest tolerances of any material in the cycling industry. Litespeed purchases this premium titanium with the highest certification of its mechanical, chemical, and physical properties. We selectively use 6Al/4V titanium (a stronger, stiffer alloy) in our higher end models as well as 3Al/2.5V for the perfect ride quality, every time

Geometrically Enhanced Tubing

Every tube in every Litespeed titanium bike serves a purpose, and you won’t find any tube that hasn’t been shaped accordingly. No other company has mastered shape, size, and thickness manipulation - while applying properly sized variations of each tube throughout the design of your bike - the way Litespeed has.

Shaped tubes are designed to make our bikes function better. We can more precisely shape the tubes through our use of high-quality, cold-worked titanium. Bending and shaping doesn’t just change a tube’s appearance: It enhances the ride quality of every Litespeed bike in every size.

Cold-Worked Shape Specific Strengthening

Litespeed utilizes cold-worked, stress-relieved titanium for almost every application. Though the process is more time and labor intensive for us, cold-worked tubes retain more strength and stiffness than those that are annealed3. Lower strength annealed tubing is used for odd shaping and makes frame building easier. We don’t believe in using inferior materials to make our job easier

Butted Wall-Thickness Manipulation

We manipulate our tubes’ wall thickness to create the world’s most cycling-specific tubesets. By creating different wall thicknesses within the same tube, we can fine-tune the ride characteristics to a degree that’s unparalleled by the competition. It also saves weight for a given tube diameter. Single, double, and even triple-butting is incorporated throughout the Litespeed range.